Shop, chop and freeze.

Do it with a Wildtree.

"The purpose of our event is to help busy people have dinners prepped and ready to go in their freezer. We will assemble 10 dinners, with six adult servings - or 20 meals with three servings - in about one hour," said Jennifer Halvorson. She is a WildTree quick home meal product consultant and Chatfield Community Education Meal-Making Workshop instructor who will be holding a March 5 freezer meal preparation class.

Chatfield Community Education coordinator LuAnn Klevan explained that the community education program is offering the class because "We recognize that families live busy lives and that freezer meals can help them provide healthy meals in a hurry."

Halvorson explained, "I will share how meal planning saves time and money. Having meals prepped and ready for busy nights is wonderful. It is also fun to try new recipes and make new friends."

She added that she is very excited to be offering these workshops through Community Ed. She has been doing workshops in home for over a year now and at-home tasting parties for about four and a half years.

Halverson also added, "LuAnn Klevan and I have been friends for several years now. She uses WildTree products and has always been a good customer. We started talking about the meal-making workshops that I now offer in addition to home tasting parties, and we thought that this would be great for busy people - moms and dads, anyone with a full-time job, people that are on the go, anyone that does not enjoy cooking, creative cooks that would like new recipes, people with special diets and more."

Dishes assembled at the workshop include garlic and herb roasted pork chops, shrimp scampi, Italian chicken tenders, lemon rosemary slow cooker pork, Greek kabobs, zesty lime fajitas, Greek chicken burgers, baked chicken scampi, herb crusted tilapia and easy tacos.

Participants have the option of choosing what meats their families will enjoy, as a shopping list will be sent out for pre-workshop preparation - workshop chefs should budget $55 to $75 for their shopping trips.

"Each participant will be given a list of pre-workshop instructions. These instructions will be e-mailed or mailed about 10 to 14 days ahead of time. Everyone will need to do some shopping and chopping ahead of time. The list will include protein for the 10 meals and a few other grocery items such as onions, peppers, Ziploc bags to hold the meals," Halverson explained. "I encourage participants to use supplies they have already, like frozen meat and canned tomatoes from their garden, et cetera, for these workshops."

For those whose taste buds have been delighted, Halvorson has information about Wildtree products. "I will talk about Wildtree. Wildtree offers all natural products with no preservatives, no MSG, no high fructose corn syrup, no food dyes and is certified organic," she said. "Wildtree offers high quality culinary blends and grapeseed oils. The concept behind the company is quick and easy meals, to help busy people save time and money in the kitchen. We offer many family favorites like spaghetti seasoning blend, taco seasoning, a meatloaf mix, sauces and dressings and breakfast foods, like a sugar and spice oatmeal mix-in, crepes and muffins."

Best yet, there's tasting included in the class's agenda. "Participants will have leftover Wildtree products to take home, recipes, labels for their meals, and they may take a catalog with them as well. They will also have their 10 or 20 meals prepped and ready for the freezer," said Halverson. "After the workshop, we can sample some breads and oils with a dip or two, as a light snack. It should be a lot of fun!"

The Chatfield Community Education Meal-Making Workshop with Jen Halvorson is slated for Tuesday, March 5, from 6 to 7 p.m. in the Chatfield High School Family and Consumer Science room, room number 103. The fee for the class is $75 and includes Wildtree's "Figure Friendly" bundle.

Klevan observed that "while the upfront costs seem high, everyone takes home meals that cost less than $2.50 per serving."

Send registration - name, address, phone number and name of class - and fee to Community Education, 205 Union St., Chatfield, MN 55923 by Monday, Feb. 18.

For more information, e-mail LuAnn Klevan at