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Kingsland royalty
Josh Bradly and Amy Welch were crowned royalty at Kingsland's Homecoming coronation Monday night. Homecoming continues with events all week at Kingsland with the main activities Friday, including a parade at 4 p.m., the Wall of Honor celebration at 4 p.m. and the football game at 7 p.m.
Polly Lentz
Polly Lentz
Tuesday, September 30, 2014 9:30 AM

Polly Lentz of rural Spring Valley has been named the September Knight in Shining Armor by the Kingsland Parent Advisory Group.

  • Grandfather, job shadowing  steered new Kingsland teacher

    Rachel Robinson’s career choice was influenced by her grandfather and confirmed by job shadowing.

  • Teacher glad to be back home

    “I’m glad to be back home,” said Seth Heusinkveld, Kingsland’s new Project Lead the Way (PLTW) science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) instructor.

  • New activities director loves sports

    “I still work as a distribution supervisor at Pepsi Cola of Rochester.  I have coached basketball, football, softball, and baseball at many different levels in both Wisconsin and Minnesota, and I was originally born and raised in La Crosse, Wis., and lived in St. Charles for eight years before moving to Wykoff,” related Kingsland’s new athletic director, who’s proud to be part of the Kingsland staff and promote culture change in the Kingsland sports program.     

  • Knight in Shining Armor  chosen for September

    Polly Lentz of rural Spring Valley has been named the September Knight in Shining Armor by the Kingsland Parent Advisory Group.

  • Psychologist hopes to assist  students in reaching potential

    “I hope to be able to assist in helping students reach their potential,” stated Kingsland’s new school psychologist, looking forward to a good year serving the district’s students.  “I feel that children should learn to be functioning members of society academically, socially, and vocationally.”

  • Teacher ready to provide positive  first experiences for youngest students

    “I chose to become a teacher in early childhood education because I always have enjoyed interacting with young children.  I love singing songs with them, reading stories, celebrating holidays, and teaching children through play and exploration.  My career is very rewarding, and I love that I get to be a part of many of my students’ first experiences in the school environment,” related Kingsland’s new full-time 4- and 5-year-old preschool teacher and new B squad volleyball coach. 

  • National education leader humbled to receive Wall of Honor recognition

    Thomas C. Healy was surprised and excited to receive a phone call recently from Kingsland Superintendent John McDonald informing him he’d been chosen for recognition for the 2014 Wall of Honor. 

  • New third grade teacher always  enjoyed working with youngsters

    “I am truly excited to be teaching a single grade class and am looking forward to the third grade because it is a time where students gain a little more responsibility,” said Angela Forland, Kingsland’s new third grade teacher.

  • New Kingsland teacher wants students  to be active learners in the community

    “I decided to become a special education teacher, as I feel that all students can learn. Some of us have to take slightly different routes to get there…that is all,” said Kingsland’s new special education teacher and work transition coordinator, who’s excited about her second year of teaching.   

  • The Kingsland Parent Advisory Group, which started in the 2012-13 school year, is starting a Knight in Shining Armor recognition program to highlight students and adult community members who strive to make the school and community great.

  • Northeast Iowa and southeast Minnesota high school students and their parents will have an opportunity to talk with representatives of more than 65 higher education institutions on Monday, Sept. 15, at Luther College.

  • Teacher's grandmother a role model  for new Kingsland preschool instructor
    “I chose to become a teacher because it’s been a long-time dream, and also because one of my biggest role models in my life has been in education for nearly 66 years and has been a huge inspiration,” said Krahn, Kingsland’s new 3- and 4-year-old preschool instructor.  “My grandmother, who is 87 years old and a retired home economics and early childhood family education teacher, is still a substitute for a nearby district.   
  • New Kingsland teacher feels  music is a good creative outlet

    “I hope to give the students an opportunity for a creative outlet, to let them experiment and have fun and hopefully inspire a lifelong love of music,” said Kingsland’s new music and choir instructor.

  • It wasn’t just that the “food was fantastic,” the Spring Valley area trio related, sharing news of their travels to Europe with the Minnesota Ambassadors of Music program. The Kingsland band members participated in the program from July 6 to 21, after being nominated by their band instructor, Kingsland teacher Josh Hogberg, to perform across the pond with the best of Minnesota’s best musicians for audiences awaiting the sounds of an international choir and band.   

  • Instructor at St. Johns returning  care she received from her teachers

    “I love being able to teach all subjects in the light of God’s Word,” said Soltau, St. Johns Lutheran School’s new third through fifth grade teacher. “We apply the law and Gospel every day to our lives and actions. We understand that we make mistakes but are forgiven, and therefore we need to do the same. I enjoy watching the students mature in their faith and live lives reflecting that faith.”

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