Fact: Schools across Minnesota are collecting more money from state government than they ever have in history.

I mention this not as a shot at our schools, but as a thank you to State Representative Greg Davids for working across the aisle to secure this needed local revenue and for put our families first.

A recent letter insinuated that Greg Davids hasn’t done enough for our schools.

If that’s the case, then why has Education Minnesota — the largest teachers union in the state that’s not knows for supporting very many Republicans — endorsed Greg for 13 election cycles?

It’s because as a former teacher, Greg understands the challenges our school districts and teachers face, and makes them one of his top priorities.

Greg Davids is not only a friend to education — he’s a best friend. This is the reason Education Minnesota continues to recommend voters return him to St. Paul.

So I hope you will join in me in re­electing Greg Davids our state representative on Nov. 8.

Kathy Nelson