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Wednesday, February 18, 2015 2:11 PM

I believe one of the goals of the study committee in drafting the mineral extraction ordinance, was to get all the current mines under control.  They also want to limit the volumes removed.

  • On Tuesday, Jan. 27, I attended a hearing held by the Minnesota House of Representatives Mining and Outdoor Recreation Policy Committee, which was my first committee hearing at the State Capitol. It was an eye-opener to witness how the chair of the committee, Rep. Tom Hackbarth, rolled out the red carpet for corporate interests and treated citizens as a nuisance.

  • Houston County is having a public hearing about the controversial mining operation known as "frac sand.” Those promoting this practice and wanting to frac sand mine in our county will tell us only how safe, profitable and good it is. Those opposed will tell us only how dangerous it is.

  • I believe one of the goals of the study committee in drafting the mineral extraction ordinance, was to get all the current mines under control.  They also want to limit the volumes removed.

  • As the last public hearing draws near, Feb.18, for the Houston County Board decision on the mining ordinance, I need to inform the public of the goals and process.

  • To paraphrase Commissioner Judy Storlie: We have been kicking the same dirt around for so long, we’re choking on it. She’s right. The overwhelming majority of us can hardly wait for the dust to settle.

  • We want to remind residents of Houston County that your County Board of Commissioners is holding the LAST public hearing on the proposed mineral extraction and mining ordinance to address frac sand mining in Houston County, on Wednesday, Feb. 18, at 10 a.m. in the commissioners’ room at the courthouse in Caledonia.  If at all possible, PLEASE attend and voice your opinions on this important issue!  Your commissioners need to hear what YOU want this decision to be.

  • I am in favor of banning frac sand mining in Houston County.  Ive attended County Board meetings and voiced my support of prohibiting frac sand mining.

  • Today we have between 5 and 10 million Muslims in the U.S.  
  • Thank you for the article, “Houston County commissioner proposes ban on frac sand mines” on Jan. 21. The article was well done and very interesting.

  • On Jan. 22, the Houston County Planning Commission, after a very controversial and divisive meeting, “approved” a new mining ordinance for the county. Dan Griffin, chairman of the Planning Commission, said that this ordinance — that he more than anyone pushed for — would protect the residents from large scale frac sand mining.

  • Let’s go to “Hoostontalk”. Yeah. Who needs Texas when we can get a change of pace right here at home? The majority of our Planning Commission has a reverse vernacular, which will turn everything you thought you knew about thinking upside down. It’s a new mindset.

  • On Jan. 6, the Houston County Planning Commission is holding a public hearing on the draft ordinance to regulate frac sand mining. This ordinance is the "restrictive regulation” that Commissioner Teresa Walter promised in last fall’s election. It supposedly will prevent frac sand mining from raping our county as we see happening in Wisconsin.

  • “Government done right is a solemn responsibility.” —”Minnesota Cities,” March-April, 2014, published by the League of Minnesota Cities, the professional organization of all cities in Minnesota. The League’s direction is that city councils must go through certain steps in coming to any decision.

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