Here’s the pitch: It’s great fun!

“It’s a great, an evenly-competitive or not real competitive softball tournament…a good tournament with a lot of local teams that get in and have fun,” invited Chatfield Western Days Chatfield Softball Association men’s softball tournament organizer Mike Urban, anticipating the annual ballgames set to take place in Mill Creek Park on Friday, Aug. 12, through Sunday, Aug. 14.

The tournament offers 16 or more teams a chance to pitch, bat, run, slide and take their bets on their abilities to win bragging rights as the champions of the 2016 summer ball diamond.

“I already have about six teams, and I usually end up with about 16 teams. They come from Wisconsin, Caledonia, Rochester…all over. It brings a lot of people from out of town…not just the immediate area, and it brings people into town. They come to play ball, eat lunch downtown, watch the parade, go to the street dance, and it’s good that all those are involved,” said Urban.

The tournament is double-elimination with a super loser’s bracket. The teams are guaranteed at least three games, unlike a lot of tournaments in which teams play two games and they’re done. This one also has cash payouts.

The tournament goes on until the final home run, rain or shine, unless there’s severe weather. Urban tries to get the games into motion as soon as the teams arrive, if they’re willing to take the bases and outfield right away. They play on Friday night if he can get them together, and they play from about 9 a.m. Saturday and Sunday until about 5 or 6 p.m.

“It all depends on how many teams there are,” he said.

He reiterated that the tournament is a great way for people from out of town to “catch” up with their Chatfield friends, and he promised a return on the $175 per team entry fee for the teams that sign up and come to play. To register a team, call Mike Urban at 507-259-4495 or e-mail him at, preferably before Aug. 8.