Belly up to the chuck wagon, pardner.

There’s nigh unto 20 different buckets of fine feed right here for Western Days.

That’s right – City Park’s the place to dine and fill that belly while Western Days goes on all over town, vouched for by Western Days secretary Pam Bluhm, who promised that anybody who stops by won’t find an excuse to go home hungry.

If church chow’s your cravin’, the Methodists, the parishioners of St. Mary’s Catholic Church and St. Paul Lutheran Church will all be servin’ up some seriously good grub at their respective stands. Chatfield United Methodist Church member Denise Pagel stated that the proceeds from that church’s stand — which has a good spread of hot dogs, pork sandwiches, apple, blueberry, cherry peach and strawberry rhubarb pies, barbecue sandwiches, ice cream, water, coffee and pop — go toward the general ministries and projects of the church.

The Chatfield Boy Scouts — fine young fellers, at that, led by folks like Geoff Griffin — will set up their lemonade stand, the Squeeze Shack, housed in nothin’ other than a giant yeller lemon, to keep people’s puckers watered and also earn some pocket change to go off on learnin’ expeditions such as camping in the back yonder or to do some good about the town.

Oh, and the Girl Scouts — purty young ladies who do lots of local good — are earning some spare coins with the Hanson Girls’ Concessions to go camping, grow some solid leadershippin’ skills and lend a hand on hometown projects like raking leaves in City Park and servin’ the senior citizens at the Lions Christmas dinner come December.

J.W’s Silver Grille — sponsored by the Chatfield Brass Band — offers an array of belly-filling foods on a bun, and the buckaroos spent on things on a bun will put sweet band music in the air come Christmastime and next summer.

And by the way, sure as shootin’, the Chatfield Brass Band’s playin’ in the park as usual after the grand Western Days parade that hits the Main Street trail on Saturday at 1 p.m.

“We use the proceeds to buy instruments and equipment for the band so they can keep playing all these wonderful concerts,” noted Chatfield Brass Band director Carmen Narveson.

Also, the local Root River Rabbits 4-Hers will put the espresso on with Pony Expresso, the Chatfield Fish & Game Club has rounded up a hand with the cookin’ by hiring Stumpy’s Concessions, and TNT Concessions will be right there at the hitchin’ post while the big folks keep an eye on the little folks enjoying the mini-carnival in the park — featuring a slide, bounce houses and more for kids 10 and under — and while the craft show is on up and down the lawn in the park on Saturday and Sunday.

It ain’t just in the park that there’s good eats. On Saturday, the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6913 will hold its annual chicken barbecue from 11 a.m. until there are no vittles left at the post’s club room on Second Street – keepin’ the soldiers fightin’ overseas supplied with good things from home and such.

On Sunday, the Chatfield Commercial Club fires up the griddles at the Chatfield fire hall — bright and early at 7:30 a.m. until 11 a.m. for those late risers — and serves up its pancake breakfast, complete with pancakes, plenty of maple syrup, coffee, juice or milk.

Might be a good idea to roll out of the hay at sunrise and get on down to the fire hall, tuck in some flapjacks, then stop in at City Park for the nondenominational community church service from 9 to 10 a.m. in the band shell. There’ll be plenty of praisin’ led by the ministerial association and churches of Chatfield, so y’all come and lift your hands, yodel your best to the Lord…heard it said He loves a joyful noise, after all.

Down the road a piece in Mill Creek Park all weekend, there’s the ballers playing on the softball diamond, competin’ for the prize money so they can go spend it at Gleason’s Concessions, the stand set up there by the Chatfield Softball Association to uphold the sport of softball.

But Sunday afternoon, 3 p.m., City Park. Some townie by the name of Brad Boice swingin’ his hips and singin’ wild tunes about…yup, you guessed ‘er, love. Gotta get you a hunka-hunka burnin’ Cheese Shack love in a bucket of those newfangled fried cheese curds to add to the sideburnin’, untamed love-singin’. Just add flamin’ hot sauce or ranch and munch away as the swoonin’ begins…look out for those young fillies got themselves all shook up, mm-hmm, yeah-yeay.

And as a last note, Bluhm pointed out that the eats vendors who bring vittles to the park are there because they’ve registered their wagons with the Western Days posse, which means that there’s a good chance that the two bits required to register will go toward making darn sure that there’s a runnin’ start on funding the next year’s festivaling. In other words, get your chow in the park and know that it benefits both the herd operating the stand and the folks who invited that herd to run their stand in the park.

Win-win, pardner.