EDITOR'S NOTE: The following story was originally written by the above Fillmore Central students for their school newspaper, The Falcon Informer. It is being reprinted here with their permission.

A day in the life of a dairy farmer...

Thanks to Brady McCabe and Braden Hahn we got to live out our cow milking dreams! Excited, we drove all the way to Lanesboro to Holst Farms where we began our adventures.

First, we watched Braden clean the pens and use the skid loader to clean up all the momma cows' (we don't know the politically correct name to call them) feed that they made a mess of. In the meantime, Brady was making bottles for the calves that we had to bottle feed.

Obviously, we were not very helpful at this point, but soon we discovered our knack for farming. We got to bottle feed the calves! This was Jordan's favorite part of the whole experience. And we named calves at the same time.

After the bottle feeding we had to go clean the bottles and buckets. Once all the bottles were clean we had to wait until 5 p.m. to milk the cows (the whole reason we went there).

So, while we waited, we decided it would be fun to have a water fight, we're all kids at heart.

When 5 o'clock finally rolled around, the cows started to line up for their turn to get milked; this is when Brady showed us "how to properly milk a cow."

1. Take the teat dip on each of the teats, do this to four cows at a time.

2. Strip the teat twice so that a little bit of milk comes out. (Point the teat away from you so that milk doesn't get on you. Jordan can tell you from experience. She cried.)

3. Once the teat is stripped, take a clean cloth and wash the teat off.

4. Then hook up the suction cup thingies.

5. Once the suction cup thingy falls off the udder, use the teat dip again.

6. When every cow in that set is done, let the gate open.

As you can see, milking a cow is a simple six-step process, but somehow we made it difficult.

Milking a cow is something we think everyone should experience at least once, but let us warn you, it's not for everyone.

We also want to make a shout out to Braden Hahn, Brady McCabe and Holst Farms. Thank you for letting us cross off milking a cow on our bucket lists.