The Bluff Country Newspaper Group is pleased to introduce Anton Adamek as its newest staff writer. A 2011 graduate of Fillmore Central and current student at the University of Minnesota, Adamek is taking a temporary leave of absence from school and will be covering news and community events for several local newspapers.

A former intern with the Republican-Leader and News-Record, Adamek is looking forward to learning even more about the newspaper industry, but more than that is anxious to discover more about the county and communities he will be working in.

"I especially look forward to developing good relationships with the people in these communities," Adamek said. "I will be a reporter, but I want to get to the level where I am very much a part of the story while making sure I stay objective. Getting to know the people is what it's all about."

Adamek will primarily be working in the Preston, Lanesboro and Chatfield areas, but will occasionally write stories and cover events throughout the Bluff Country Newspaper coverage area. His position was created to help fill the void left by editor Lisa Brainard who was injured in a fall last September. Adamek will be filling in as Brainard continues to recuperate.

"We are so excited to have Anton back on our staff," noted editor Melissa Vander Plas. "When he worked with us as an intern, I was continually impressed by his professionalism and thoroughness when writing a story. He takes every measure he needs to in order to make sure a story is informative and complete."

Adamek was active in the marching and pep bands at the U of M and said he spent all of his free time pursuing his musical interests. He played the cymbals in the band and took up organ as an additional instrument.

"I play the piano and thought it would be easy to add the organ, but it's totally different," he said. "But I like its complexity and how it becomes integrated in sacred music. It's a cool instrument."

The Golden Gophers, as well as all the Minnesota sports teams, are another interest Adamek has. While away from the university, he continues to follow his teams, noting the Gophers' basketball team promises to be strong this year.

He also lists developing his faith as another interest, as well as reading and studying religion. This interest has led him to his decision to go on a mission for his church in the near future.

Until that time, however, Adamek will be working to save money for that mission and striving to tell the stories of the local community members.

He will be working from the Preston office and can be reached at (507) 765-2752 if one has any story ideas for him to follow up on. One may also email him at