The Canton City Council held its first meeting of the year on Wednesday, Jan. 9, with Nick Prestby in attendance to follow-up on a request made at the December meeting. Presty had requested that the city allow him to construct a ramp to provide handicapped entrance to the Canton Pub, his place of business.

After some checking, Prestby had requested the opportunity to present his plan to the council for the Main Street entrance.

Prestby told the council he had been told that the township jurisdiction was curb to curb and the city of Canton had jurisdiction over the sidewalk area, from curb to building.

He stated he had determined the cost of constructing a ramp on the north side of his building would be much more expensive and this cost would be difficult for him to handle. He had applied for the Arlin Falck grant, but had been denied.

In order to make his building handicapped accessible, Prestby was proposing that he be allowed to build his ramp on the west side of his building, an option that was much more affordable and that Prestby figured he could handle himself.

Prestby gave the council members a copy of his proposed ramp and step approach to the Canton Pub. The ramp would end at the northwest corner of the existing building and be 48 inches wide, with steps at the south end. There would still be 45 inches of sidewalk on the street side of the proposed ramp.

The ramp would in effect be a floating ramp, able to be moved if deemed necessary.

Following this discussion, approval was given to Prestby to construct his proposed ramp.

Prestby also brought an idea to the council regarding the possibility of holding a barbecue cook-off in the future, possibly at the next Canton Day celebration. There was no action taken on this information.

Annual designations

The council approved its 2013 designations with official newspaper being the News-Record; official depositor as First Southeast Bank; Cindy Shanks as acting mayor; Richard Nethercut as city attorney and Pam Ristau as the city auditor.

The regular monthly meeting was sent to be held on the second Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the community hall at the fire station.

A discussion was held regarding changing to an earlier time, with possible changes to 5:30 or 6 p.m. considered. It was decided to make no changes to the meeting time, approving the 7 p.m. time as a part of the slate of designations.

Annual fees

Annual fees were approved to be $50 for community center rent and $200 to rent the town hall, plus a $50 deposit. Dog and cat licenses were set at $6; new customer fees were set at $150; sidewalk snow removal fees were set at $50 and the disconnect and reconnect fees were set at $75.

On-sale liquor licenses are $610 annually, with 3.2 licenses at $50.

Water and sewer over run fee is $3 and monthly garbage fee is $8 with the garbage bag charge of $1.75 each.

The monthly water fee is $10 with the sewer fee at $28. A new water meter will be $85 and the fine for no meter reading will be $30.

The rural fire fee of $8 per person will be charged to Canton township residents and was noted as a change in past practices. The township pays the fee and in turn collects it back through township property taxes.

This change took place as a result of the dissolution of the Canton Township fire department. Amherst Township is currently making truck payments and the city receives payments for services in Iowa biannually.

Other annual approvals were given to the Resolution for Gambling, granted to the Canton American Legion and to the Resolution for City Insurance Coverage, continuing with the League of Minnesota Cities; Cray Insurance.

City utility report

Jon Nordsving reported some freezing at the wastewater treatment plant; a problem that was resolved when the temperature rose recently.

Nordsving also reported that there were some GFI outlets on the city light poles needing replacement; planned to be completed in warmer weather. The Christmas lights were reported to have been stored for the season, with testing and replacement of bulbs to be done before they were put up again next year.

Trucking question

Councilmember Carl Ernst raised some questions as to delivery charges by Jack Neumann trucking for delivering shipments to the city, expressing concern over the $40 trip charge. Clerk Lollie Melander reported that the charges were for delivery from Winona and that there were about 10 boxes delivered. Melander went on to report that there has been an effort to consolidate the delivery into a one-time per month occurrence. Melander stated that she could check into using another company.

There was no action on the matter; it was discussion only.