I am writing in response to the Reflections from David Phillips.

He starts off with Donald Trump supporters having some fatal flaws. They are narrow-minded, divisive hicks who want to turn back the clock.

He says that Trump supporters want to go back to a time when there wasn’t women’s rights, gay rights, people of color’s rights, the disabled rights and whatever else he wants to throw in there.

He is so out of touch it’s almost laughable.

If he would watch something besides the biased TV stations he would have a different view.

He is right about wanting to go back to a better time. A time when reporters reported the news.  Was our watchdog to protect the citizens from a corrupt government that only thinks of themselves and doesn’t care who they take down to get it.  A time when other countries respected us instead of being a laughing stock.  A time when we were proud to say the Pledge of Allegiance.  A time when we respected our parents, our elders, our teachers, our military and our flag.  A time when we would give a helping hand to people in need, instead of a hand out. A time when we would balance the budget before it would be given to countries that needed help. A time when the president, Senate and Congress followed the laws of the Constitution.  A time when the Supreme Court interpreted laws instead making its own laws.  A time when a baby was welcomed instead of aborted.  A time when people would listen to both sides of an argument and come to a knowledgeable conclusion.  A time when family would help family through hard times.  A time when welfare was something that was the last hope, not something that was a life style.

I would rather vote for someone that has unfounded allegations against him than someone that we know for a fact should be in jail. 

Linda Hovland