To the Editor:

As I sit at my computer and look over all the articles I did, I thought about what does it take for people to really listen and know who is for this business and think it can be regulated?

I don’t need to repeat everything that has been said, and we should not have to keep repeating what we know is the right thing to do here, which is BAN SAND FRACKING!

What part of this practice do the supporters of this business not understand? This is not a business that can be regulated! Off and on, we have seen articles, where this business has been fined for what they have done in the past, for not being careful.

If you watch TV or read the paper, you can see the damage already done in the state of Wisconsin and the earthquakes in the state of Oklahoma due to fracking. Even if the fracking stops, the earthquakes do not.

The Winona County Commissioners need to sit and take time and really investigate what damage has already been done, and once down that road, you do not return!

We, the public, are concerned about the precious water we do have, the clean air, the bluffs, the beauty, and the farms, etc. in our area and want to preserve that for our children and our grandchildren or don’t they count?

I quote Nancy Beach, (Winona Daily News letter, Sept. 1) “What a despicable legacy, we as adults and mentors, are leaving our children and grandchildren.” Beautifully said.

As Kelvin Landherr of Winona and Jim Gurley of Winona, both stated in the Winona Daily News as of Sept. 20, “Do not risk our aquifers and water quality, ruin our good farmland, destroy what we do have!”

I am not alone, when I say this debate is to the point of being downright stupid and thoughtless. Elected officials are not doing their job when they keep playing the same tune of listening to us, and then ignoring us!

Get a grip, and do your jobs! Save this area for our future generations!

Karen Graves