To the Editor:

Are you comfortable risking our aquifers and water quality?

Are you comfortable destroying our landscape?

Are you comfortable risking the health of yourself and others?

Are you comfortable with the many other big risks large-scale frac sand mining will bring to Winona County?

As a young adult, I am not comfortable with the high-stake associated risks that come along with frac sand mining. You shouldn’t be comfortable either.

Frac sand mining will not bring the riches its industry promises us, but will instead leave our communities and land decimated and scarred.

I don’t want the associated health risks that come with living next to frac sand operations, and I don’t want my neighbors and community to have to either.

We need to take into consideration the little short-term gain this will offer to a few and compare it to the high-stake, long-term risks and results that will affect all of us.

All land has inherent value and the decisions we make about the land must take the needs of the future into account.

Our land has value far beyond and surpassing money. If we let our lands be used for frac sand mining, the potential for the future is destroyed.

The Winona County Planning Commission’s so-called “compromise” doesn’t prevent any of these risks. We need a ban on frac sand mining and related operations in Winona County.

Kelvin Landherr