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Thursday, July 13, 2017 2:17 PM
I’ve found something that motivates me more than a Fitbit to get my recommended steps in each day. It’s all natural, provides forceful reminders to get moving and even adds emotional benefits to daily walks.

  • We are emphasizing the importance of your community newspaper by subtraction — a front page devoid of news — this week as part of a statewide “whiteout” campaign in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Minnesota Newspaper Association, of which we are members. It’s a not-so-subtle reminder of all that you would lose if your local newspaper ceased to exist.
  • Glimpses of Yesteryear: Lutheran congregations come together in 1950
    A few years ago, 2013, a gift was received from Mrs. Robert (Renata) Voeltz — a 1951 "Your Household Guide" sponsored by the Ladies Aid Society of Our Saviors Lutheran Church.    This book contained 1,001 helpful household hints selected from several hundred home recipe books of Walsworth Bros., located in Marceline, Missouri, distributed throughout the nation.  Before we relate what was in the book, a brief history of Our Saviors Lutheran Church follows. 
  • Food for the Neighborhood: Summer Roasted Vegetables and a birthday surprise
    My fridge contains an odd variety of garden vegetables, which for one reason or another, don't get sold at the farmers market or given to CSA (community supported agriculture) customers. They would not win a beauty contest, but they are still good food.
  • One of the childhood books I most remember is “The Little Engine That Could.” I know I read many books as a child, including Dr. Seuss and even the “Dick and Jane” books in school. However the “Little Engine” book just stands above the rest.
  • Too Hick to be Square: Clan hot dogs are unusually high in carbon
    Everyone loves bonfires in the summer—the snap and crackle of logs, the hot dogs and marshmallows roasting over glowing coals, and of course the smoke that inevitably blows directly in your face.
  • We may not have the bodies of water that make up the Land of 10,000 Lakes, but water is still important in our region of Minnesota, which features bluffs, springs, caves and many streams. These unique geographic features, including sinkholes and disappearing rivers, components of karst geology, also create challenges to keep our water clean.
  • Glimpses of Yesteryear: Horse era provided many options for saddles
    Remember when the saddle clubs were very active, and the groups — families included — were everywhere, be it parades or otherwise?  In checking with Yvonne Kraling, she says there are indeed saddle clubs, and they are active in Chatfield's Western Days parades. 
  • My wife and I experienced a good example of a random act of kindness and paying it forward when we volunteered at Historic Forestville for the old-fashioned Fourth of July celebration earlier this month. We each manned a stand for a few hours on the grounds near the field for old-time baseball. One stand had popcorn and peanuts and another had rock candy.
  • Too Hick to be Square: Clan members ask, "When can I go to the dentist?"
    People feel many different ways about going to the dentist. Some people hate it. Others don’t really mind. And some people (and by “some people” I mean the Clan) absolutely love going to the dentist.
  • Who needs Fitbit when natural  step motivator is by your side?
    I’ve found something that motivates me more than a Fitbit to get my recommended steps in each day. It’s all natural, provides forceful reminders to get moving and even adds emotional benefits to daily walks.

  • Many changes for SV schools over 163 years
    Think on 163 — that’s how many years Spring Valley has been blessed by a school, from a one-room log cabin to the present system.
  • Immerse yourself in wildflowers at Iron Horse Prairie
    After looking at some summer destinations in the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains the past few weeks, I figure it’s time to check out an easy day trip to a place you’ve likely never heard of near Hayfield.

  • Most alumni of ’93 state softball team still living in area
    If anybody is going to complain about the weather, don’t do it to me. I love the hot weather. I’d rather be hot than cold any day! I’ll be doing my complaining sometime around mid-January.

  • Our towns may be ‘cool’ even if their community newspapers aren’t
    A list of “the 15 coolest towns in Minnesota you’ve probably never heard of” created quite a bit of excitement among area residents recently because three local communities were named. Spring Valley came in at No. 7, Chatfield was 12th and Rushford was 13th.

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