Cedric Wayne Betts
Cedric Wayne Betts

A Wykoff man is in custody after being arrested by Fillmore County deputies twice in one day Friday, March 17, for possession of methamphetamine and then for terroristic threats shortly after posting bail for the first offense.

Cedric Wayne Betts, 52, was first arrested after the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office received information and evidence of a Fillmore County resident being in possession of meth paraphernalia and using methamphetamine. This information and evidence, which came from an anonymous individual, showed this possession and use were done in the presence of the suspect’s 2-year-old child, according to Fillmore County Sheriff Tom Kaase.

As a result of an investigation, a search warrant was executed at the residence of 407 Silver Street North, apartment 7, Wykoff, which produced evidence of the allegations, said Kaase. Betts, who resides there, was at the scene at the time of the execution of the search warrant.

Betts was held at the Fillmore County Detention Center under the felony charge of methamphetamine — related charges involving children — until posting $5,000 conditional bail set by Fillmore County Court. He was released from the custody of the Fillmore County Detention Center with one of his conditions of release being the requirement to remain law abiding.

Soon after his release, the Fillmore County emergency communications dispatch received a call from the apartment complex where Betts resides, reporting that Betts was making threats. Fillmore County deputies responded to the apartment complex, spoke with the victim and made contact with Betts at his residence in the same apartment complex.

Betts was again arrested for terroristic threats and violations of conditions of bail/release. Betts was arrested without incident and is again currently held at the Fillmore County Detention Center until his court appearance.  

The child involved in the original charge has been placed in a safe environment. The first incident remains under investigation and other charges are pending, added Kaase.

“As the Fillmore County sheriff, I’d like to take this moment to use this example as the importance of taking a stand, getting involved and sharing information,” said Kaase. “I think we can all see how important and vital it has been to this child’s safety and life. Thank you to this anonymous individual.”