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Wednesday, May 24, 2017 10:07 AM
You almost can’t believe your mom saved them.
  • Books on dying may help alleviate fears
    At one time in my past, I developed a strong interest in the growing body of research into death and dying. Because of that, I collected a rather impressive section in my home library about the topic. That section even survived the big purge of books when we moved both ourselves and a lot of “stuff” out the door.
  • Workshop shares love of  journaling with young writers
    I recently had the privilege of once again leading a session at the Young Writers’ Conference at Winona State University. The conference offers a variety of writing workshops for middle school students, taught by authors, journalists, illustrators, playwrites, songwriters and poets. Many of us write in several genres: I, myself, write news stories and columns in my career, but love to journal in my personal life. I, like most writers, also dream of writing that “great American novel” someday.
  • Area softball players joining the all-star series
    When I sit at my desk, working on my computer, I look out the window to the north. I have one of those shepherd’s hooks stuck in the ground with a planter hanging on it. With all the rain, it got bent over, nearly touching the ground. I couldn’t concentrate on my writing looking at it lying down, so I had to go out and stand it up. Now I’m ready to go to work.
  • Author grows joy in novel ‘Garden of Small Beginnings’
    You almost can’t believe your mom saved them.
  • Nature’s song brings joy to birdwatchers
    I stood with other birders as we employed binoculars in the hopes of seeing a least bittern. And see it we did.
  • Every year there is some publicity about new words being added to the English language via the dictionary. I have yet, however, to find any hoopla about words that are, or have disappeared. I have noticed that words disappear for the same reason that new words are admitted: it is whether or not they are commonly used by English language speakers.
  • Book eclipse trip, tour Frank Lloyd Wright home
    We’ll take in double the topics, double the fun today. First, there’s still an easy way to take in that total solar eclipse… but you need to book the opportunity NOW. We’ll also look at the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Cedar Rock home, located in an eastern Iowa State Park on a river.
  • Lanesboro/Fillmore Central girls heading to state True Team meet
    Congratulations to the Lanesboro/Fillmore Central girls track team, Section 1A True Team champions. The gals will be heading to the State True Team meet in Stillwater on Saturday, May 20. I haven’t heard anything definite yet, but in the past, when a team, as local as L/FC, has been at the state meet, KFIL has been there to report the results. I won’t be able to let you know the “final call” in the WEB, but should be able to report something in the local paper that covers Lanesboro, Fountain, Preston and Harmony (News Leader).
  • Northern flicker’s recovery brought joy to the day
    A northern flicker did a bit of his courting dance on a platform feeder. The performance was noisy and lively, with some comical dancing, nodding and bowing thrown in. 
  • It was advertised a couple of weeks ago in the local newspaper, “Farewell to the Circus.” Actually it was the title of the last concert of the season of the Sun City Concert Band. Of course the headline caught my eye: will there be no more circuses?
  • Plan for upcoming rockhound, river cleanup events
    It’s time to get some summer recreational events on your calendar. My friends at the Coulee Rock Club of La Crosse, Wis., have a new event coming up right away, as well as the annual show in June.
  • Coaching changes in the works at several area schools
    Am I dreaming? Am I seeing things? Could it be? 
  • Beaver creates amazing piece of sculpture
    Hilary Rinehart of Mankato wrote, that her son, Tim Rinehart, found a tree on his farm that was quite chewed up. She added, “A friend that knows beavers thought it might have been done by an older beaver, but had never seen anything like this. Just thought I would share this with you and would welcome any comments you might have.” 
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