We Minnesotans value strong, local democracy. In order to protect our region from unwanted and potentially harmful businesses, we need to retain our option of local control through interim ordinances.

That option gives us time to carefully examine effects of proposed developments before issuing permits.

At our State Legislature, corporate interests continue to push legislation that would weaken interim ordinance powers of township and cities.

Currently, an interim ordinance can be passed by a simple majority. Proposed legislation would require a two-thirds super majority.  In addition, the legislation would delay enactment of an interim ordinance for so long that it will often be ineffective.  

To keep local control strong, call our representatives to oppose: House File 330 — Rep. Greg Davids at 800-551-9145, and Senate File 201 — Sen. Jeremy Miller at 651-296-5649.

Bonita A. Underbakke,