To the editor,

I would like to respond to a pair of letters that appeared here recently.

First, I’d like to thank Karen Grandall for her kind words. Especially for my work for Fillmore and Houston counties, and for naming the veterans cemetery that’s now located in District 28B as my crowning achievement (full disclosure: it’s also my proudest moment as your state representative). Though we may not have always agreed, I have always felt it’s important to provide quick and meaningful responses with anyone who has taken the time to contact me. So my thanks to you, Karen; though our politics haven’t always aligned, that’s not a reason to be uncivil.

On the other hand, Peggy Hanson has never been civil to me and as a former political opponent her consistent potshots are as predictable as a January snowfall. It’s interesting that she accuses me of constantly “casting blame” and “pits one side against the other.”

Both of this area’s largest newspapers recently endorsed me, basically because of my bipartisanship. The Rochester Post Bulletin said, “He is a proven leader who is willing to listen to other lawmakers and consider issues outside his party.” The Winona Daily News said I “put partisan politics aside to craft a bipartisan tax bill that would have created substantial, positive and immediate changes for many Minnesotans.”

As Ms. Hanson said in her letter, “A key attribute of a good legislator is the ability to work with colleagues across the aisle to get things done.” And I have done that, as noted by the independent editorial boards in Rochester and Winona.

As always, thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve, and I humbly ask for your vote once again on Nov. 8.


State Rep. Greg Davids